YoPT for yoga teachers and body therapists

Coaching with elements of YoPT

A two-year training for yoga teachers, body therapists, physiotherapists and all those who want to deepen and professionalise their coaching process

Yoga Psychotherapy YoPT is not only a new approach to psychotherapy that combines the centuries-old knowledge of yoga with modern approaches to psychotherapy, but also a new and creative method of coaching for yoga teachers and body therapists. Since time immemorial, yoga has shown us the way to heal and expand our awareness of the body and to connect it with our original vitality, capacity for love and inner freedom.

YoPT takes up this wisdom, but also integrates western findings from body psychotherapy, positive psychology and neuroscience to create a path of healing and potential development that we always walk together. We work mirror-neuronally, so that there is a synchronisation process between the guide and the client. This opens up a common space in which new processes of self-transformation become possible.

The YoPT training for yoga teachers, body therapists and coaches is open to anyone who wants to work with people and doesn’t have a psychotherapeutic background, but who has experience in teaching and individual work. We learn to use the yoga tools and yogic techniques to support people who come to us for yoga classes, bodywork or physiotherapy. We also use the training time for our own self-awareness and a deep group process that allows us all to grow.

The aim of the training is to be able to accompany people on their life’s journey, in their personality development and self-empowerment towards a colourful, loving and vibrant life.

Training contents:

  • The psychology of yoga based on the yogic scriptures and the findings of modern neuropsychology.
  • Practical exercises in mirror neural accompaniment in individual work with YoPT.
  • Yoga as body therapy for trauma and stress and the mindful application in group and individual settings.
    Spirituality and bodywork. Awakening the self-healing powers of the human being.
  • Transference and counter-transference, what to watch out for as a non-psychologist. The limits of yoga coaching. Recognising clinical disorders.
    Building up resources through YoPT and developing the potential of my clients.
  • Self-experience in YoPT: My own journey into the depths and to the light, my roots – my own potential.
  • Future work: Life journey, life task and the lifting of the treasures that rest within me and want to be manifested.
  • The training is designed with a focus on clients who do not come to us because of clinical disorders. We work in the field of accompaniment, personal development and potential development and are integrated into a network of YoPT psychotherapists to whom we can refer clinical cases and who can send us their patients for in-depth work with yoga and bodywork.

More pictures at www.schweibenalp.ch


  • Preview & Taster Day: Sunday – 5 November 2023
  • PART ONE: Sunday – Friday, March 2024.
  • PART TWO: Sunday – Friday, September 2024.
  • PART THREE: Sunday, 25 June – Friday, in March 2025.
  • PART FOUR: Sunday – Friday in June 2025.
  • SELF EXPERIENCE: September 2025.

Center of Unity Schweibenalp, Brienz www.schweibenalp.ch

CHF 1500.- per PART. (Plus board & lodging)

If you have any questions, just call or write:
Miriam Popper | T +41 (0) 76 399 42 66 | mail@yopt.ch


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